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Homemade glutinous rice wine (bottling)


The wait is finally over! I left it to ferment for 23 days and all the rice have settled to the bottom of the jar, a good sign that it’s ready for bottling!
Look at the beautiful colour!

Using a strainer to separate the wine and glutinous rice pulp (酒槽).

20140329-004448.jpg Bring the rice wine to a boil, let it completely cool and bottled it up.


This batch is slightly better then my previous batches. I brought a bottle to my dad for evaluation, and the result……….. PASSED……but (always room for improvements) the alcohol content taste low, so daddy suggest to increase the amount of yeast next time. Still, pretty happy how it turns out. Practice makes perfect! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to make traditional wine that taste just like my granny’s.

Simply traditionally delicious!


Homemade glutinous rice wine (Brewing)


I’m on the mission to perfect my brew. This is my fifth trial. My previous batches was sour so I’m going to use less of the yeast and ferment for a shorter period of time.

Soak 1 kg of glutinous rice overnight and cook in the rice cooker (just like cooking jasmine rice).



Spread it out on a oven tray to cool completely.

Grind 3 wine biscuits (酒饼) into fine powder and mix in 5 tbs of red yeast rice (紅麴).


Dad emphasis that the glass jar must be very clean to prevent any contamination or else, mold will grow. So I pour boiling water into the glass jar to sanitize it.

Prepare about a liter of boiled cooled water. Layer the glutinous rice, yeast mixture and water in the glass jar. Optional: Thoroughly mixed everything together with clean hands.

Cover the jar with some cloth and lightly close the lid. Keeping an eye on it and hopefully it turns out right this time!

Simply traditional delicious!