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Dorot Tikka masala chicken


I am trying out the Dorot tikka masala chicken marinating sauce. This cost SGD7.50 and there are 5 frozen bar of sauce.20131130-150644.jpg

With 3 skinless and boneless chicken thighs, marinate with 2 bar of sauce for 30mins, then pan-fried until brown.
I like that the sauce is individually frozen, just pop out the sauce whenever I need and it taste amazing. I would marinate the chicken longer than the 30mins or even overnight to get the full flavor into the chicken.

Fried rice with tikka masala chicken bento

Simply delicious!


Korean grocery haul


Came across a Korean mart called Solmart during lunchtime today. Just have to go in and check it out! These are what I bought:

Hot pepper chili paste – SGD6.80
Kalbi marinate for pork – SGD3.00
Spicy bulgogi marinate – SGD3.00

Can’t wait to try the marinates! Looks like pork will be on my grocery list this week.

Simply tempting!